Clear Skin Potion

Clear Skin Potion

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Meet our favorite Clear Skin Potion, an acne spot treatment and all-over preventative that won't dry you out.

The Clear Skin Potion features 15% azelaic acid and powerful botanicals to calm inflammation and fight acne-causing bacteria without drying. It's a nontoxic version of dermatologist prescribed Finacea.

Fun fact: Finacea was originally developed for rosacea, characterized by super sensitive skin. If azelaic acid is gentle enough for rosacea, it's gentle enough for your acne!

Even better? Not only does it heal, treat, and prevent acne, but it's a powerhouse for fading dark spots and acne scarring.

Please note: This product is not appropriate for individuals with Celiac Disease. Azelaic acid (active ingredient) is derived from wheat, rye, and barley.

(green tea (water, green tea*), water, azelaic acid, vegetable glycerin*, rose hydrosol*, saccharomyces ferment., jojoba oil*, glyceryl stearate, tocopherols, xanthan gum, gluconodeltalactone and sodium benzoate, citric acid, geranium essential oil, frankincense essential oil, juniper berry essential oil, lavender essential oil, aloe vera powder*, lemongrass essential oil*certified organic)