Kealia Shampoo Bar Benefits

Lavender: Prevents hair loss, soothes irritation and itching, controls frizz, boots shine, combats dryness. Recommended for thinning hair and all hair types.

Lokelani Rose: Nourishes hair follicles, added luster to hair, moisturizes hair, helps remove excess dirt and oils. Recommended dry, damaged hair or dandruff.

Jasmine: Strengthens hair, reduces breakage, reduces hair loss, locks in moisture, soothes hair. Recommended for sensitive heads, curly, dry, thick, and damaged hair.

Peppermint: Moisturizing, combats itchiness, promotes hair growth, balances oils in hair. Recommended for oily hair or dandruff.

Olena Citrus: Promotes hair growth, deeply cleanses dirt and oil buildup, strengthens and protects hair, helps regulate hair pH.