Join the Quit Plastic Movement: 3 Organizations we're Giving Back to

Join the Quit Plastic Movement: 3 Organizations we're Giving Back to

If you’ve been in our store here in Kailua, you may have seen our custom T-shirts that we have available for sale. We created a series of three ethically-sourced T-shirt designs that are cute and fun, while focused on the message of reducing your single-use plastic use!

Spread awareness with our #QuitPlastic series T-shirts!

Our “Quit Plastic” T-shirt series is a tribute to the animals in Hawaii that are severely impacted by plastic pollution. We love the T-shirts as a way to bring awareness to the issue, as well as to give back to organizations on island who are actively working to protect wildlife from the harmful effects of plastic pollution. For each shirt we sell, we donate a portion of the profits to local wildlife and environmental protection organizations.

"Do it for the Albatross" T-shirt


Our first shirt in this series was dedicated to the Albatross, our founder Lori’s favorite animal. 99% of the Laysan Albatross breed in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. We have a couple different places here on O’ahu you can see the Albatross - Ka'ena Point and Turtle Bay. Unfortunately, plastic waste is a threat to this species. The Albatross mistake plastic for food, ingest it and then feed it to their babies, whom many die from the devastating effects. Protea was partly inspired by the Laysan Albatross; you can see paintings of the Albatross on the store walls. It was fitting this was our first shirt in the series. 

When you buy a “Do it for the Albatross” tee, you are also giving back to Pacific Rim Conservation, whose mission is to maintain and restore native bird diversity, populations, and ecosystems in Hawaii and the Pacific Region. They work directly with the Laysan Albatross.

"Do it for the Whales" T-Shirt


Our second shirt is dedicated to the whales, especially the humpback whales. During the winter months, thousands of humpback whales migrate to Hawaii to give birth and raise their young.  Humpback whales ingest an estimated 200,000 pieces of micro plastics per day which can result in internal injuries and even death. 

Each purchase of our “Do it for the Whales” tee, gives back to HMAR Hawaii Marine Animal Response, whose mission is to undertake substantial actions that result in the preservation, recovery, and stewardship of Hawaii’s marine protected species and the ocean ecosystem we share. Thousands of times each year they do outreach, field response, interventions, rescue and stranding support. 

"QuitPlastic" T-shirt


Our last shirt is a simple #quitplastic design to help spread the message in a bold way! This tee gives back to CMDR, Center for Marine Debris Research, whose mission is a trash-free ocean. They investigate the quantities, sources, transport, fate, impacts and reuse of plastic marine debris, and share knowledge to stimulate better ocean stewardship. 

Join the movement and help us spread awareness by wearing one of our Quit Plastic T-shirts!

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