Protea was created as a response to the world's plastic pollution and waste epidemic of which the beauty and cleaning industry are a large part. The current form of consumption is no longer sustainable, causing environmental damage, and change needs to happen.

At Protea, we want to invite people to do their part in taking care of our Earth. By reducing one's waste through eliminating plastics, buying in bulk and supporting natural products, we can lessen the negative environmental impacts associated with our consumption.

To strengthen our community and reduce dependence on foreign product, Protea is dedicated to supporting local products and vendors here in Hawaii. It's simple - we believe in humanity and the change that is possible when we come together to act in favor of ourselves and our planet.





Amy is originally from Shingle Springs, CA. She is Protea's marketing director, and graphic & web designer. She loves hiking and being in nature, which inspires her to live a low waste lifestyle. Her favorite zero waste swap is the refillable cream deodorant!


Madi is originally from San Diego, CA. She graduated from Hawaii Pacific University  in Environmental Studies. Her experiences here in Hawaii have led her to live a more sustainable lifestyle. She loves to snorkel & hike in her free time, and her favorite zero waste swap is the reusable straw!


Kenna has lived on Oahu since she was nine years old. Her passion for environmentalism is largely due to witnessing the plastic pollution problem in Hawaii at a young age. In her free time, she loves drawing, reading, and cleaning up the beach. Her favorite zero waste swap is the to-go ware bamboo utensil set.


Anna is originally from Chicago, IL. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology and is passionate about marine mammal research and conservation. She spends her free time tending to her house plants and loves learning about new ways to live more sustainably. Her favorite zero waste swap is the washable dish sponge!