Protea was created as a response to the world's plastic pollution and waste epidemic of which the beauty and cleaning industry are a large part. The current form of consumption is no longer sustainable, causing environmental damage, and change needs to happen.

At Protea, we want to invite people to do their part in taking care of our Earth. By reducing one's waste through eliminating plastics, buying in bulk and supporting natural products, we can lessen the negative environmental impacts associated with our consumption.

To strengthen our community and reduce dependence on foreign product, Protea is dedicated to supporting local products and vendors here in Hawaii. It's simple - we believe in humanity and the change that is possible when we come together to act in favor of ourselves and our planet.





Bailee is Protea's store manager. She is a dedicated environmental advocate and ocean lover with a lifelong passion for taking care of the planet. She is deeply committed to promoting sustainability and minimizing the human impact on the environment. Bailee is excited to bring her drive for meaningful change while continuing to learn and grow in this vital space on the Hawaiian islands.


Kate is Protea's social media manager. She is originally from Wisconsin. She's passionate about using social media to positively impact the world. Kate spends her free time creating microplastic art, hiking, and reading. Her favorite zero waste swap is the Huskee coffee cup!


Lauren is originally from Fairfax, VA. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Biomaterials and is passionate about finding new ways to connect with our community about living a sustainable lifestyle. In her free time she is either practicing photography or finding new plants for her garden. Her favorite zero waste swaps are the Kealia Organics soap and shampoo bars!


Chenoa’s journey into the world of sustainability began with growing up in the Colorado mountains where she developed an admiration for the natural world and its diverse ecosystems. She is devoted to understanding the reciprocal relationships between humans and the environment to support sustainable solutions that are inspired by indigenous practices. When she’s not in the store you can find her working as a silversmith, practicing yoga, or writing for our Protea blog!