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What is Protea Thrift?

One of our most popular events at Protea is our biannual clothing swap. This event opened our eyes to the need and want in our community for quality, secondhand clothes that you don’t have to spend hours trying to find!

Protea Thrift is a curated selection of thrifted clothes and other finds, as well as a buy-back program for our community. We will have women’s, men’s, and unisex clothing styles, with an emphasis on women’s apparel.

Why Secondhand?

Buy Back FAQ

1. What items will you accept for the buy-back program? Women’s, men’s and unisex clothing. Bikinis, must be a matching set or one piece suit Very good quality, lightly used, activewear

2. Will you be buying back every item people bring?
No, we will be hand selecting items based on a number of factors which include size, availability, stock, season, material, quality, style, etc.
We will not be accepting items with any holes, rips, stains, or significantly undone seams/stitching. Items must be clean and free of pet or human hair.

3. How many items can I bring to sell?
We will be accepting a maximum of 10 items at a time No hangers will be accepted

4. What days will the buy-back program happen?
We will announce the days at the beginning of the month, for that month, that the buy-back program will be taking place
If you cannot make it to our pre-announced buy-back dates, you will need to schedule an alternative time through our website to bring your clothes. There will be a product called “Buy-Back Program”, which is free, where you check out and select a date and time on the calendar. Being that we are also a busy refill store, this helps us better manage and prepare to receive clothes!

5. How will I get paid for the clothes I sell to Protea?
We will have two options for payments. You will be offered the total amount in a Protea gift card that you can use at the store or online, or a cash offer at a discounted amount (the discount value will be determined soon; stay tuned for this detail)

** Please remember that we are buying these items back to resell in our store, meaning that through the “cash offer” option you will not be receiving the full value of the item back, rather a very discounted amount. We will need to put in additional labor to make any repairs, wash, sort, and steam the clothing, and then mark up the clothes to their true value to make a profit while also making second-hand shopping as affordable and accessible for our community as possible.

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Shop our boutique, hand-selected collection of secondhand clothes in-store at Protea Zero Waste beginning Saturday, February 25th!

35 Kainehe St, Kailua, HI