Our Top 5 Zero Waste Products

Our Top 5 Zero Waste Products

We use these five products every single day! These are household essentials that are so simple and easy to use. Not only are they natural, good for you and for the planet, but they will significantly decrease the amount of single-use items you use in your daily life!

The Hemp Scrubby

These 100% hemp kitchen scrubbies are perfect for cleaning all of your dishes! Hemp is a natural fiber and antibacterial, so this will not get mold or bad odors. If needed, they can be cleaned in the washing machine. The colored hemp is an eco-friendly dye. Scrubbies typically last around 6-7 months!


UnPaper Towels

These 100% cotton textured kitchen cloths are great for replacing paper towels and paper napkins. They are absorbent, wash well, and do not need ironing. Simply launder and use again. We like to store ours right on the counter in a basket.

Use anywhere you would a regular paper towel! They become more absorbent the more you wash, so you can tackle any kitchen emergency with ease!

Organic Cotton Facial Rounds

These cotton rounds are great for taking off makeup, applying toner, or simply wiping your face down with water.

Replacement for single-use cotton rounds. Use over and over again!

Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer balls made by hand from 100% Sheep Wool. They come to you clean, undyed and unscented. Average load of laundry uses 3 dryer balls and up to 6 dryer balls for larger loads.

These reusable wool balls last 2-4 years and leave load after load of laundry feeling soft and fresh, replacing the need for dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Add 3-5 drops of essential oil per ball (if desired) before tossing them in the dryer, so your clothes come out smelling delicious, naturally.

Produce Bags

100% Certified Organic Cotton mesh drawstring produce bags.

Say goodbye to single-use plastic produce bags, we have reusable organic replacements! Take them to the grocery store, farmers market, or your favorite zero-waste bulk shop! This set comes with three different sizes, perfect for all your produce needs!