Plastic-Free July Recap

Plastic-Free July Recap

We just wrapped up Plastic-Free July, during which we ran a giveaway throughout the month of July and asked YOU to show us the zero waste changes you made during the month of July. You did not disappoint! Here are some of our favorite posts from last month, read on to get inspired:



Gotta start my organic shampoo/condition journey from TODAY! 😉



I’m not 100% plastic free and probably will never be, but that’s okay because all it takes to make a difference is to have a lot of people making a little change.

& thanks to my family for gifting me all of these beautiful products from@proteazerowaste



My plastic free journey is far from perfect but with a little inspiration I've been able to make some easy changes in my life! From local refills at@proteazerowaste to purchases shipped in reused cardboard boxes from@plasticfreepursuit, I'm excited to share my progress so far!

I've switched to bar shampoo and natural skin care products which I absolutely LOVE! I have washable facial rounds along with natural loofahs to keep me clean. My toothbrush is now bamboo and my organic toothpaste in reusable/recyclable jars. In the kitchen, we've switched to unpaper towels, cloth napkins, and glass tupperware as well. While it's only a start, every little bit helps if you can do your part 💚 also I have to thank@ohkellllyfor being such a positive influence and resource during this process!



We don't wait for official cleanups to pick up #oceanplastic , but we needed help with ending our #plasticaddiction 🌺 @proteazerowaste has helped us eliminate #singleuseplastic in our body wash, lotion, and kitchen scrubbies. I replaced packaged face wipes with toner in a soy sauce bottle (now a cute toner bottle topped with #oceanplastic we collected from #kailuabeach and #kalamabeach ). Added bonus, their products are great, I used the toner last night and it left my face feeling so refreshed! 🌴 We cleaned a bunch of reusable plastic bottles and glass jars and donated them to the FREE to take bucket at Protea (some of them were sample sized). We hope that will give new life to these containers and will help others go #PlasticFreeWithProtea 🦈 #PlasticFreeJuly #ZeroWaste #SustainableLivingTips #CleanYoBeach #Kailua #HiLife

Hey all! As most of you know, I have such a heart for practicing sustainability in easy everyday ways, knowing that even small actions can lead to positive impacts for both people and planet! Thrifting is obviously one awesome way to practice sustainability in the realm of fashion, but there are SO many other ways to incorporate other sustainable practices in our everyday lives. Recently I've become interested in the zero waste lifestyle. I by no means live a zero waste lifestyle (a dream for one day!!), but I find it so fun to develop new ways to incorporate zero waste and sustainable practices in little things I do. My most recent find- wool dryer balls! The perks: - Reduced drying time which saves energy - Works as a natural softener for your clothes (aka you don't need to buy fabric softener anymore) - Cheaper than dryer sheets! These cost $23 in total ($17 balls, $5 shipping). These little guys last for 1000 loads and if you use 1000 dryer sheets they add up to be $50+, so you'd save money in the long run! - Healthier than dryer sheets- free of all the harsh chemicals and fragrances! - Creates less waste each load of laundry! So, just wanted to pop on here and remind you that living a more sustainable and less wasteful lifestyle doesn't always have to be a hassle or expensive! Feels so good to know I can create less waste even when I do laundry! 🌿



Today's the last day of #plasticfreejuly but hopefully not the end of your plastic free journey!! I was so excited to take a "field trip" to try @proteazerowaste refillable #ecofriendly products! I saved up a bunch of empty containers, and knew exactly what I wanted to try. 💚Castile soap to make my own foaming hand soap 💚liquid shampoo & conditioner (locally made! I chose the unscented so that I could use essential oils to add my own touch) 💚liquid dish soap (been wanting to try in addition to my dish block) 💚coffee sock diy cold brew (no more empty coffee bottles!) 💚It's been a couple weeks and I have to say I love them all!!! I just haven't made my foaming soap yet but will post about it when I do!