Sustainable Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Sustainable Valentine's Day Gift Guide

On the Day of Love, don't forget to show our Mother Earth some love, too!

Here's a list of some of our favorite sustainable V-Day gift ideas, both from Protea and some of our other local favorites:

Rose Lotion Bar

No bottle needed - this locally-made luscious lotion bar will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling of beautiful rose.

Shop the lotion bar in-person or online!

(photo via Miracle Botanicals)

Essential Oil

You know Lavender, but have you met some of our other favorite floral essential oils? A bottle of one of these might just make the perfect gift for your lover, or friend!

Geranium Essential Oil:

- sweet aroma

- calming & grounding effect

- promotes healthy-looking hair & skin

Jasmine Essential Oil:

- smells amazing

uplifting mood enhancer

- aphrodisiac

- calming effect

Available for refill in-store at Protea Zero Waste.

Lip Gloss in a Compostable Tube

A richly hydrating vegan lip gloss available in three subtle, pretty colors. The ingredients are simple & natural, and the tube is compostable! Does it get better than that?!

Shop online or in-store. 

"Glitter"-y Soap Bar

With a little bit of shimmer made from a natural mineral, these soap bars will make your loved one feel like a queen (or king)! Handmade on Kauai with all natural plant-based ingredients, you'll feel like you're treating yourself with this luscious body soap!

Shop online or in-store.

Reusable Glass Straws

For the person who's not a fan of flowers - how about a bougie reusable glass straw instead? Handmade on the North Shore of Oahu & made from a pyrex-type glass, it will last wayyyy longer than flowers, plus your special person will feel fancy as hell whenever they use it!

Shop online or in-store.


Lighting a stick of incense can really make a shift in the room, for your mood, and even your whole day. Perfect for those sultry, romantic vibes, too ;)

We have a selection of earthy & delicious all-natural incense sticks available in-store at Protea!

(photo via Manoa Chocolate)

Manoa Chocolates

What's Valentine's Day without chocolates? We love Manoa chocolate for their focus on sustainability and sourcing local. Give your loved ones some tasty, handmade & sustainable chocolate this Valentine's Day!

(photo via @leinaia)


Our neighbor Maki at Leinaia makes the most beautiful & delicate handmade and custom jewelry. Head over to her shop in Kailua for something truly special for that special someone.

(photo via @lilikoi_beach_designs)

Lilikoi Beach Designs

For unique & sustainable earrings that make a statement, check out Lilikoi Beach Designs! These earrings are made from microplastics, so they make a great conversation starter whenever you wear them. They make a great gift for the fashion-forward sustainability lover in your life!

(photo via Lemuria Crystal Shop)

Lemuria Crystal Shop

We love this local company that puts so much passion and heart into everything they do. They have a focus on sustainability and using eco-friendly packaging as well. Check out Lemuria Crystal shop for unique & meaningful gifts this Valentine's Day!