Value of Community Connections

Value of Community Connections

As a small business it is important to us here at Protea that we highlight our values and celebrate the people and places that inspire them! With that, we are continuously reminded of the power of community connection and the ways in which cultivating community relationships preserves the livelihood of the people and the planet.

Rogue Wave Toys at our Plastic Free July Cleanup.

In a world attached to the idea of self and individuality it is growing more important to remember the differences made in having opportunities for connection accessible to all! We as humans are naturally social creatures and the quality of our relationships directly influence our quality of life, health, and happiness.

What does community mean to you? Is it the chance to share a conversation with a person who loves the same outdoor park as you? Or the smile shared between market vendors in the space where they display their offerings to others? Maybe it’s participating in volunteering events or walking over to your local zero waste store with some friends! No matter the way we define community this much is true- engaging in communal efforts strengthens our willingness to care for others as well as our willingness to be cared for. 

Kūmana Activewear

Kūmana Activewear popping up at our 2022 Earth Day Festival

One of the most magical things about connection in community is the circular model in which participation in these efforts can take place. As we learn we seek to know, when we know we seek to engage, and when we engage we amplify our chances to learn more. This model encourages sustainable living by exhibiting how the potential for connection is endless- it’s a lifestyle that leaves a positive impact on everything it comes across. 

Wondering how you can get involved or create your own community connections in your local region? Identify what you’re curious about and the things that light you up! There’s something for everyone, everywhere. And if there isn’t- that’s your sign to get started. We love to recommend clean ups, farmers markets, and community supported agricultural farm locations as a great place to start.

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