Value of the Low Waste Journey

Protea is a place for everyone, no matter where you may be along your low waste journey. We realize transitioning from your ol’ reliables can be a scary thought, and choosing to pursue a truly sustainable lifestyle doesn’t just happen overnight! Whether you’re just starting off on your low waste journey or have already made the leap, we are here to support ya!

Refilling all purpose cleaner in a reusable container.

We believe in being welcoming and inclusive to all, in all stages of the journey to reduce waste. Being aware of how we live in systems that will always produce waste in some way allows us to center our mission around encouraging ways we can all intentionally invite alternative waste solutions into our everyday lifestyle practices. The power of choice leads to long lasting
change when we collectively minimize our waste imperfectly, rather than relying on a select few to minimize their waste perfectly.

reusable utensil kit

A reusable utensil kit featuring our utensil pouch by Double Happyness!

The low waste journey holds value in the way it sparks imagination and seeks the help of creativity in order for us to understand how we make an impact on the individual and communal scale, at the same time! For some it may be important to highlight the value in repurposing clothes or using alternative modes of transportation, while others may be called to share the impact of conserving time and energy as a means to take care of people and the
planet. The path to pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle is meant to look different for everyone!

Protea Thrift clothing rack on a collection drop day

Protea Thrift 

Each day we are presented with the opportunity to be more mindful of the way we move through the world. If you’re farther along your low waste journey, what are ways you can continue to refine the habits you’re already practicing? If you’re fresh into your low waste journey, what aspirations excite you the most about being imperfectly eco- conscious? Supporting each other, learning from one another, and celebrating the collective efforts being made along the way breathes life into a future of wellbeing for all.

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Thank you for all you do,