Your style guide for a green wedding season

Your style guide for a green wedding season

Wedding season is here! If you're a fashion lover like us, picking the right outfits for wedding season is almost as much fun as the celebration itself. You might also have a collection of dresses from past wedding seasons in your wardrobe... same here.

Every year, millions of outfits are purchased for weddings, and most are only worn once. This isn't just hard on your budget, it's also really bad for the planet. Eco-friendly weddings are growing in popularity. We created a style guide using our boutique secondhand collection to inspire you to thrift your own wedding season outfits.

Tips to know

Matching the vibe of the wedding is a great way to show respect for the couple.

  • Keep the focus on the bride by not wearing white
  • Follow the dress code to avoid dressing up too much or too little
  • A quick steam or iron will keep your clothes looking their best

Here are some outfits we believe are perfect for this sustainable wedding fashion season.

Beach casual

For a beach wedding, think breezy, comfortable, and sun-safe. Natural materials like cotton and linen are more sustainable and keep you cool.


If you're attending a cocktail event, think elegance. You could also thrift a midi or little black dress for an always in style look.


Consider a chic, long dress. This is your chance to wear something sophisticated and elegant to get all done up!

Thrift is in

Whatever you wear, thrift it! It's totally possible to look amazing and stylish while kicking fast fashion to the curb. Get creative, have fun, and most importantly, wear your upcycled wedding fashion with confidence.