Zero Waste Hero: Heather

Zero Waste Hero: Heather

Welcome back to our Zero Waste Heroes series, where we feature REAL people just like you and their transition to a lower-waste lifestyle. This month, we are so excited to feature Heather, also known as EcoMamaMade!
Heather is a mother, a teacher, and a maker of reusable tote bags, drawstring pouches & more! On top of all this, you can always find her sharing eco-friendly products and tips on her Instagram - which we LOVE. Read on to learn more about this everyday eco-warrior and her low-waste journey.

Where are you from?

I am from Honolulu, Hawaii.  Besides moving away to California for a couple of years (San Diego & San Francisco), I have lived in Hawaii. 

What is your passion in life? 

My passion in life is being a teacher and a Mom.  I teach health, nutrition and early childhood education to high school students.  I have 3 children-2 boys (17 & 13), and a daughter who is 10.  I dreamed of being a teacher and a Mom from a young age and so it feels like I’m truly living the life I always wanted.  

What got you interested in zero waste?

I have been into thrifting, reusing and up cycling for so long... I’m always thinking that I can save money, while also saving the earth!!  I remember about 10 years ago I had made some reusable napkins and tried to make the switch, but it just didn’t stick at the time. About 2 years ago my interest in it came back as reusable bags, reusable straws and utensils were being used more and more and as I got more informed about the impacts on our environment.
The creative in me started thinking about how I could make it easier for myself and others to bring those things along with them.  (I tended to forget my own at home a lot even though the intention was there)  I have a passion for sewing and creating bags so I started sewing bukuro bags, tote bags, drawstring pouches and utensil wraps!

How do you practice zero waste in your daily life?

I think the best way that I practice zero waste in my life is trying to use what I already have around me.  I buy what I need & also look at how I can reuse everything! 

I also love to DIY.  By DIY’ing I’m able to use refill products to make the things that I will use daily like dishwashing soap or handsoap.  I can reuse all of the bottles and it prevents me from having to buy more plastics & saves me money by doing it myself.  


What is your favorite zero waste tip?

Zero waste is truly a journey and one that may never be truly perfect.  (I’m ok with that!). I change things when I recognize that they need to be changed and when I am ready. 
Once you are aware of zero waste and everything that it means in the big picture it’s hard to ignore or pretend you don’t know.  That just makes you more conscious and that will bring change in your own time.  Every little thing counts!!  Start with little swaps and move from there.
Huge thanks to Heather for letting us into her life and zero waste journey! Give her a follow at @ecomamamade on Instagram for eco-friendly tips & inspiration.
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