Zero Waste Swap of the Month: Reusable Bowl Covers & Wraps

Zero Waste Swap of the Month: Reusable Bowl Covers & Wraps

When making the transition to a zero-waste lifestyle, an easy swap to make in your home is to replace plastic wrap and aluminum foil with reusable bowl covers and food wraps.

The Problem with Disposable Plastic Wrap

A big issue with plastic wrap is that it is rarely recycled because it clogs machinery. It contributes to the overall plastic pollution problem, breaking down into micro plastics, and releasing potentially harmful chemicals as it does so.

And yet, plastic wrap is still being used in crazy amounts! Last year, 5.3 million Americans used 10 or more rolls of plastic wrap. Each year, Americans buy enough plastic wrap to cover the state of Texas - that's 268,581 square miles! (Source)

While we may not be able to solve the plastic pollution problem all at once, we can start in our own homes, and make a simple swap that eliminates the need for disposable plastic wrap. Here's how:

Reusable Bowl & Plate Covers

We love reusable bowl and plate covers because they can fit over just about any container that you may not have a lid for. No need to continue buying roll after roll of disposable plastic wrap or aluminum foil anymore. Just keep a few of these babies on hand - they have a BPA free liner to keep things fresh, and a drawstring cord to fit securely on your container.

These bowl covers are machine washable as well, making it a super easy zero-waste swap!

Bees Cotton Wrap

Another great option for convenient food storage is Bees Cotton Wrap. It works perfectly for covering a plate, bowl, or casserole dish, as well as wrapping up half an avocado, or other leftover vegetables, fruits, etc. Use it for anything that you used to use plastic wrap on!

Bees Cotton Wrap is a natural alternative to plastic wrap. It's made from organic cotton, Hawaiian beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. These ingredients keep food fresh and tasting good!

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