Oahu Organics Hydrating Elixir
Oahu Organics Hydrating Elixir

Oahu Organics Hydrating Elixir

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This gentle but powerful infusion will not only help to draw moisture to the skin but also help to lock in your skins natural moisture, in turn smoothing and softening the complexion.

Combined with the plant based ingredients our Hydrating Elixirs will help to regenerate new skin while evening out skin tone and smooth the look of fine lines.


Cool, soothe and heal while nourishing skin conditions that are characterized by itchiness, dryness or inflammation.


Create a protective barrier on the skin to guard against environmental contaminants and pollutants.


TO USE: Apply morning and night to damp skin.  Follow with Moisturizer / Serum or Ultimate Oil.


Harvested in Hawaii, this stunning flower is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) & antioxidants

  • Gently exfoliates & controls oil production 
  • Increases moisture to firm & smooth skin
  • Helps reduce pores
  • Helps purify skin by breaking down dead cells and increasing cell turnover